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ethviewer.live visualizes the recent history of the public Ethereum blockchain. It shows the 24 most recent blocks (the boxes) of the blockchain and the current transaction pool (the group of circles).

Note that the tool is in beta, and may be fail or be taken offline at any point. The tool has been tested in Chrome, Opera, and Safari. On most other browsers it has known issues. All observations are collected by a single full blockchain node that we use as observer. Observations may be different for other nodes.

  • The chain of blocks: the most recent block is on the top left. Circles in the blocks show transactions included in those blocks. Blocks that become uncles or forks are shown in red, blocks in the main chain in green. Sometimes this changes during observation, but the more blocks are added the more certainty we gain. This highlights why most users rely on some number of confirmation blocks before assuming a transaction is committed. Regular links between blocks are green lines, uncle links are red and dotted.
    In each block we also display the block number in the first line and the miner who created the block in the second line. Furthermore, the "fuel gauge" in the left upper corner shows how much gas was used by the transactions in the block, relative to the block gas limit: E means empty, i.e., all available gas was used; F means full, i.e., no gas was used, which would be the case for an empty block.
  • The transaction pool shows transactions currently waiting to be included into a block. When a new block is created, typically a number of transactions from the pool are added to it. Grey circles represent simple transfers, yellow circles are contract invocations, and blue ones represent contract creations or deployments. Depending on the connection, up to 50 or 500 transactions are shown. These are the most recent transactions that our node received.
  • The "Ether value in the pool" , if shown, is the sum of ether values of all transactions in the pool (not just the ones shown). The corresponding USD value is calculated based on the current average exchange rate from coinmarketcap.com .
  • The "Extended" view (button in the top right corner) groups the transactions in the pool based on the offered "gas price" (related to the transaction fee).

Clicking on blocks or transactions takes you to etherscan, a third party tool, and shows you details of this transaction or block.

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